Wild Tales – A Solo Art Exhibition

Wild Tales – A Solo Art Exhibition

Wild Tales was my first solo art show at Slice of Life Art Gallery. It was a very short run, but a big milestone for me. Ten years ago, I put my logo “LEMONNI” on a label and sewed it to a tea towel I made. I decided then that I wanted to create patterns that bring beauty and joy to people’s homes. My creative career has evolved so much since then, from selling my handmade products at local craft fairs, to licensing my designs to companies around the world for various products, to painting murals on giant walls, and to holding a solo show for the first time. 





Nature and animals have been a constant source of inspiration for my work. I adore the intricate relationships between humans and their furry companions especially, which motivates us to improve as a society. I want to reflect the warmth and positivity from this connection through Wild Tales.

With a background in surface design, I love using abstract forms and shapes in my artwork. This allows me to fill my creations with layers of meaning and hidden messages, inviting viewers to come up with their own interpretations. I see art as a playful and interactive experience, and I aim to create pieces that encourage viewers to engage with them with a sense of curiosity and discovery. My ultimate goal is to foster a deeper appreciation for art, animals, and nature.





L1002654.jpg L1010114.jpg   


There are still some pieces from the show available. Grab them here before they're gone!





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